How To Use This Guide

The Hawaii Building Products Directory follows the nationally recognized 50-Division CSI MasterFormat 2004 classification system of numbers and titles for organizing information about project requirements, construction products, and work results.

  • If you want to know what products are locally available in a specific category, look in section of the Hawaii Building Product Directory for product listings by MasterFormat 2004 numbers. Find the appropriate Division, then look for the relevant title. For example, to find iron gratings, look through Division 05-Metal to find the category 05 53 00 Metal Gratings. Local sources will be found under that category.

  • If you know the name of the manufacturer or trade name of the product your looking for and want to find the local source, look in section B Hawaii Building Product Directory to find the manufacturers names in alphabetical order. Under each manufacturer or trade name are local sources and their product categories.

  • The Directory also includes alphabetical listings (C) Local Distributors, Manufacturers, and Representatives of construction products and services.